Our Nursery School Ethos

Our Mission Statement

Playing together, Learning together, Growing together.

A place where children are supported and encouraged to learn through play whilst having fun in a caring, happy, secure and enabling environment
A place where every child’s uniqueness and individual needs and interests are recognised and fostered
A place with an ethos and learning climate which promotes exploration, curiosity and creativity
A place where parents are valued and respected and where we are committed to working in partnership with them to achieve the best outcomes for them and their children

Our 10 Golden Rules

We speak nicely and listen to each other
We like to help others
We walk in our Nursery
We are kind to our friends
We like to share
We can ask for help
We take care of our Nursery
We like to run, shout and climb outside
We like to play safely
We like to say please and thank you
Image of the Child

As a staff we have worked together to develop an image of the child – how we want the children in our nursery to be. This image is at the forefront of everything we do.
For example, when we say that we want children to be curious we have to ensure that our curriculum and the experiences we offer is able to support them to be curious, to investigate and explore.

At Newtown, we want your child to be

I feel happy coming to nursery.
I am excited to share experiences with everyone and am enthusiastic and motivated to learn.

Confident and independent
The world is at my fingertips.
I am confident and independent in new situations and have a positive attitude.
With the support and encouragement of the grown-ups, I make the most of every opportunity to try things out, take risks, seek out new challenges and test my ideas.

I love to ‘have a go’, using all my senses to explore and investigate the world around me. I am inquisitive – anything new and I will be there.

Feel valued
I am encouraged to have my own ideas and follow my own interests, to do things in my own way and feel proud of what I can do.
I am given the space and opportunity to be myself and learn and explore in my own unique way. I feel valued because I know that the grown-ups and my friends will support me and will respect me for simply being me.

A creative thinker
I can think about what I want to do and plan how I want to do it.
I like working with my friends and with grown-ups to share ideas, to think, to plan, to reflect and to find answers to our problems, sometimes through trial and error.

A good communicator
I am able to express my feelings, thoughts and ideas in a range of ways by using facial expressions, smiling, using gestures as well as talking.
I love to be involved and share experiences with my friends and with grown-ups.