Behaviour & Attitudes

Positive Behaviour

An environment where children are happy and relaxed in their work is particularly conducive to effective learning and will help all children to achieve their maximum potential.  This is best achieved where children are clear as to what is expected of them in terms of their behaviour and staff are relentlessly consistent in their approach.

At Newtown Nursery School we actively promote positive behaviour and place strong emphasis on strategies which support this to ensure that good behaviour is explicitly encouraged and celebrated.

Our approach to promoting positive behaviour centres upon 3 key rights that every member of our school community has.  These rights are:

  • the right to feel and be safe
  • the right to be treated with respect
  • the right to learn

Everyone in school has a responsibility to protect these rights through their own behaviour and actions.  We have very high expectations of our pupils and any behaviour that undermines these rights will be addressed promptly.