Both the Nursery School and Early Years Centre are registered with Ofsted and inspected periodically by Ofsted’s own inspectors.Currently our setting is graded good by Ofsted. Here are a few quotes from our last report from the Nursery School:

“You and your dedicated staff team make Newtown Nursery School a happy and harmonious place for children to learn and play.”

“Top of your list is to provide the very best possible education for all children.”

“A number of significant changes have enhanced further the quality of education provided.”

“Trusting relationships have been established with parents, which help promote security and consistency in children’s lives. Parents were very keen to tell me about the ‘amazing progress’ that their children have made since starting  at your School.”

“Children are delightful and well behaved.”

“Learning at your School is active and fun.”

“The well-being and safety of the children are high on the School’s priority list.”

“From their different starting points, all groups of children make strong gains in their learning. They leave the Nursery School as confident children, well prepared for the next stage of their education.”