What is a maintained Nursery School

Lancashire Maintained Nursery Schools
Newtown Nursery School

We are –

  • Local Authority Maintained Schools and meet all Statutory requirements for Schools, in line with Primary, Secondary and Special Schools.
  • Inspected against the Schools Ofsted framework, Section 5 and Section 8.
  • In line with all Schools as we have the same Statutory Responsibilities and costs associated with these. This includes having a Governing Body, Headteacher, Fully qualified Teachers (QTS) and Qualified Teacher SENDCos.
  • Not funded using Schools Funding Formula. Currently, Nursery Schools receive a supplement to the Early Years Funding Formula. This is not secure past March 2020.
  • Highly Specialist Early Years Education and SEND providers.
  • The highest performing School sector in the country– 98% graded Good/ Outstanding.
  • Educators of around 40,000 children in England. The majority of Nursery Schools are located in the poorest parts of the country and, for many vulnerable families, they are the only opportunity for early education.
  • Committed to Local Authority Admissions Criteria, which prioritises disadvantaged children and those with Special Educational Needs.
  • High quality training providers for Student Teachers, Apprentices, Early Years practitioners.
  • Working in strong partnership with Health Visitors, Social Workers, Speech and Language Therapists, Paediatricians, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Portage and Children and Family Wellbeing service.
  • We are already well established, well respected Community hubs. Having trusting and successful relationships with families, often established over many years.

Our Impact includes-

  • Excellent, high quality early years provision proven by outcomes for children evidenced by OfSTED gradings.
  • Maintained Nursery Schools play a crucial part in closing the attainment gap and improving School Readiness.
  • Crucial contribution to improving social mobility through high quality early education.
  • Never exclude any children– successful outcomes for numerous children whose needs have not been able to be met by other providers (Case Study evidence).
  • Children with additional needs are identified early. Children with SEND make excellent progress and have Education, Health and Care Plans in place ready for starting Primary School .