Reading at Home

At Newtown, as part of our Home – School Agreement your child will join our Lending Library. Children will borrow a different book each week to share with their families.
We hope the following tips will show you how reading from an early age can make learning to read both enjoyable and successful. Children whose parents help them at home have a huge advantage at school and this is particularly true with reading; time spent with your child can help turn them into confident and successful readers.
From babyhood onwards, you can help your child to enjoy books, to understand how books work and to learn what it means to be a ‘reader’. There are many ways in which you can help by playing games and doing activities, as well as reading books together. Our advice will give you some ideas for each stage in a child’s early reading development. We will continue to provide information on the stages your child will go through in developing their early reading skills and ideas to support them.

Getting children ready for reading.

Listening to stories.

From the time they are babies, you can help children to become readers by:

  • Sharing your enjoyment of books
  •  Reading stories and talking about the pictures
  • Comparing events in books with your own shared experiences
  • Pointing out signs and logos when you go shopping
  • Teaching them nursery rhymes and songs
  • Helping them to tune into and listen to sounds around them, such as, an
    aeroplane, alarm or tractor.
  • Help your child to make their own sounds using their hands and feet – clapping,
    stamping etc.
    These simple activities help to prepare children for reading.